Symphonies from Inchanted Ground

Symphonies from Inchanted Ground is an exploration of Spirit of Place. Each piece (approximately twenty minutes) finds its form from the places explored. Each is intended to be about a place that has a particular archetypal quality.

1 - Border, is about the Herefordshire/ Wales border between Skenfrith and the Black Mountains.

2 - Forest

3 - Vale - exploring Shugborough. This was also performed in a version for string quartet and piano in September 2015

4 - Three Places in Oxfordshire. The first of these is not available online as it shows a private residence. The others are Kelmscott and Buscot.

5 - The Ouse Valley Pilgrimage

6 - An exploration of an unidentified part of England.


Border - Download of complete score

Border - Download of complete score

No. 6