The Final Itinerary

Sketches from "The Final Itinerary" is a set of pieces originally written for harpsichord and then arranged for small orchestra. These follow the same format as 'Scenes from "The Mysterious Itineraries"' - a set of 12 four minute pieces based on two randomly selected chords or keys, following the idea explained in the story "A Musical Wanderer".

It's as if these are the sketches made by the imaginary composer as he travels in his caravan. Or is it, and this does seem more likely, that his caravan is the music itself, his journeys dictated by the process of composing and his only map the curious cards he has, marked with the 24 possible keys.

He takes two cards. C minor and E minor. Two keys? Two chords? A simple phrase moving from one to the other sets him on his journey - at first (as Sketch no. 1 suggests) lugubrious and sombre, but as the itinerary continues a very wide range of scenes and adventures present themselves.

Some of the sketches appear to be fragments from stage works from different periods and different styles as the videos show.

Sketch no. 10

Sketch no. 8

Sketch no. 3

Sketch no. 12

Sketch no. 5

The Final Itinerary