My first symphony was originally composed in my last term at school, revised and orchestrated in early 1973, and recorded in its piano duet version. There are, so far, 30 symphonies. They are for various sizes of orchestra and come in all shapes and sizes. Nos. 24-29 make an opus of "Six Symphonies of Melancholy and Delight", op. 100. They were written first for flute, piano and string quartet and then orchestrated. No. 24 was performed in its chamber version in the 2009 Stafford Music Festival. Nos 6 and 7 were performed in earlier versions and no. 19 "A Song of Pilgrimage" for soprano. contralto, kathak dancer, wind quintet, string quintet, piano and percussion was commissioned by the Stafford Asian Arts Fund and performed in 2000.

Symphony no. 23 A Garden Symphony

Symphony no. 14

Symphony no. 22

Symphony no. 21

Symphony no. 13 - IV