CV & Works

Born 1954


Bedford Modern School (1963-72)

North London Polytechnic School of Librarianship (BA Hons) 1973-77


Music Librarian, Putney, London Borough of Wandsworth 1977-82

Music Librarian (later County Specialist: Music & Arts), Staffordshire County Library 1982-2007

District Manager (Stafford), Staffordshire Libraries 2007 to 2016

Chair, Stafford District Arts Council (2016 - )
Committee Member, Stafford Music Festival


Symphony no. 32 "Thalia" op. 122

Mr Walton's Fancy, for violin, cello and orchestra op. 121

The Mystery of Emily Weston  op. 120

The Garden of Persephone, six pieces for violin, cello and piano op. 119

Excursions to Inchanted Ground op. 118

Symphony no, 31 "The Consolation of Wandering" op. 117


Requiem for Mignon - a study of the mystery of Elgar's secret daughter

Dances and Comedies for the Theatre of the Muses op. 116


Symphonies from the Inchanted Ground. Studies of Spirit of Place, with videos. Op. 115

Symphony no. 30 "The Consolations of Music" Op. 114

A Pilgrimage and Disguise. Music for a series of explorations of place. Op. 113

A Philosophical Cantata on verses by Miss Carter. Recorder, alto, harpsichord, cello Op. 112.

Sonatas for Mr Stillingfleet. Recorder, harpsichord, cello. Op. 111


Sketches from "The Final Itinerary". 12 fantasies for harpsichord. Op. 110
"The Fruit of the Tree." Fantasies after "The Tree of Life" of St Bonaventure - string quartet. Op. 109

Scenes from "The Mysterious Itineraries". Flute and piano, also with images for publication on Youtube.Op. 108

"Shugborough: Inspired by the Past" Inspire mark events, in partnership with Staffordshire Libraries, Stafford District Arts Council, Stafford Music Festival including composition of music for String Quartet, talks on the Greek Revival and the tradition of Arcadia and the Golden Age.

Eclogues from "Le Miroir de la Vraie Reconoissance". Recorder and keyboard Op. 107
(Performed as part of May 2012 Inspired by the Past project)
String Quartet no. 5 "Astree" Op. 106
(First performed by the Alard Quartet, Shugborough, June 24th 2012)
String Quartet no. 4 Op. 105
Organised "Gawain and the Green Knight event in partnership with St Chad's Church, Stafford, Staffordshire Libraries and Stafford Music Festival. Gave talk on the Gawain Poet.

Episodes from "The Years of Wandering". Ten symphonic poems in the form of an imaginary novel. Op. 104
Completed draft of "Thomas Anson and the Greek Revival", and gave talks on many topics derived from this book-length study.

September. Flute and piano, in memory of John Dunn. Op. 103

Winter Journey. 10 Fantasies on plainsong for recorder and harpsichord. Op. 101


"Symphonies of Melancholy & Delight". (Nos. 24-29)  Six chamber symphonies, in orchestral and chamber versions. Op. 100  (No. 1 performed in Stafford Music Festival.)


Sinfonia in C. 2fl 2hn hpschd strings. Op. 98

"The Leaves of the Tree". Flute, violin, cello and piano. Two movements performed at Stafford Music Festival Op. 97

A Garden Symphony, (No. 23) for Wendy Davies. Op. 96

For Staffordshire Libraries established The Stafford Poetry Competition which has successfully run between 2008/9 and 2011/12.


String Quartet no. 3. Op. 95. Commissioned by "The 4tet" for a charity concert, St Mary's Church, Stafford

The Banquet of the Muses. Op. 94. Six sonatas for recorder and harpsichord.


A Traveller to the Watershed. Op.93. 12 pieces for recorder and harpsichord/digital orchestra
Developed "The Watershed Project", exploring the River Sow with various artists and schools, for Staffordshire Libraries, including a set of pieces for flute and keyboard performed in Stafford and for the Adbaston Concert Society.

The Rivals, incidental music. Op. 92.  (Pre-recorded for production at Stafford Gatehouse)
Symphony no. 22. Op. 91

Three English Mysteries. Op.90. Orchestra

Timewalk. op. 89.  Closing music for St Chad's Church, Stafford, Son et Lumiere


Shugborough Sonatas op. 88. Flute and harpsichord, and digital orchestral CD.

Composer in Residence project at Shugborough, supported by an Arts Council grant. Resulted in a set of flute sonatas performed at Shugborough and at the Stafford Gatehouse, also featuring Geetha Sridhar, bharatanatyam dancer.


"Some Incidents in the Life of Joseph Mordant, Composer" a novel.

Songs and incidental music for "Staying still it overtakes" Op. 87. A play performed at Blessed William Howard School, Stafford, supported by an Awards for All grant.

A Franciscan Octave. Op. 86.  CD of digitally produced music raised £750 for Franciscan Aid.

Symphony no. 21. Op. 84.  Full orchestra. Digitally produced CD raised £1000 for Ashley Joly SADS Trust

Flute Sonata. Op. 83. Flute and piano, for Christina Thomson


The Garden of Memory. Op. 82. 6  Sonatas for recorder, violin, cello, harpischord

Five Glorious Mysteries . Op. 81.  (Recorder, violin, cello, harpsichord) performed at the Stafford Music Festival. Also orchestral version.

Conversations with the River. Op.80. String Quartet and digital orchestra version.


Viola sonata. Op. 78.For Peter Gumbley performed at the Stafford Music Festival

Winter Garden. Op. 77. Recorder and harpsichord.

Five Joyful Mysteries. Op. 76. Recorder, violin, cello, harpsichord. Performed by the Old Hill Consort, Stafford Music Festival 2002


Shoe Dance. Op. 75.  Dance project for Geetha Sridhar

Dancing on Inchanted Ground. Op. 74. Dance work, digital orchestra

Symphony no. 20. Op. 73. for string orchestra - commission to celebrate the 50th birthday of Ray Hyde.

A Song of Pilgrimage, a symphony (no.19) Op. 70. For chamber ensemble, two singers and Kathak Dancer, commissioned, with an Arts Council grant, by Stafford Asian Arts Fund

Incidental Music for Stafford Shakespeare Festival's "As You Like It" Op. 69.


Symphony no. 18 Op. 66.  For strings, piano and percussion

"Spring Dance" Op. 67. Bharatanatyam dance piece for Geetha Sridhar, performed in Stafford, London and Chennai.

String Quartet no. 2 Op. 62

"Travellers"  Op, 61.  Millenium Cantata. SATB, violin, cello, organ. Commissioned by Cantemus and performed in St Mary's Church, Stafford


Symphony no. 17 "A Song for Terezin" Op. 60. In memory of the composers of Terezin, written after giving a lecture at the Ann Frank exhibition on Terezin music

Piano Sonata no. 10 Op. 55

String Quartet no. 1 Op. 54


Symphony no. 16. Op. 53

Piano Sonata no. 9 Op. 49


Symphony no. 15 Op. 47


Symphony no. 14 Op. 45

Concerto for 5 Op. 41. Wind quintet and orchestra.


Apple island. Op. 44. Oboe, piano.

Symphony no. 13 Op. 40


Piano Sonata no. 8 Op. 37


Summer's Gramophone. Suite for orchestra.


Symphony no. 12. Op. 36.

Incantations. Op. 26. SATB/piano. Publised by Comus.

The Dong with a Luminous Nose. Op. 22 SATB/ piano. First performed by Cantemus, 1991.

When I learned to fly. Op. 19. Recorder ensemble. Published by Comus. First performed 1991. (Also orchestral version)


A Fancy for the Countess. Op. 18. Soprano. recorder, harpsichord. Published by Comus. First performed 1990.

Gloria. Op. 17. SATB, organ. Published by Comus. First performed Eccleshall Singers, 1990

Sonata for recorder and harpsichord or piano. Published by Comus.


A Vision on the Hill. Op. 12. SATB, organ. Published by Comus. First performed Cantemus 1989.

Symphony no. 5 Op. 11, for full orchestra. Scherzo first performed, Staffordshire Symphony Orchestra, 1989


Symphony no. 6 Op. 12 in D. (fl, ob, cor anglais, 2 tr, harpsichord, percussion, strings) First performed by Cantemus 1988


A Hymn for the Nativity. Op. 7. (SATB). First performed by Cantemus, 1987


Recorder Quintet .Op. 4.  Published by Comus. First performed 1986.


Piano Sonata no. 3 Op. 5


5 Bagatelles for chamber orchestra. Op. 9. First performed by Stafford Poly Sinfonia, 1991, conducted by the composer.


Symphony no. 4 Op. 8


Symphony no. 3 Op. 6 (1979/1991)

Piano Sonata no. 2 Op. 23


Serenade for small orchestra. Op. 3 First performed April 1979 by the Amphion Ensemble, conducted by Thomas Groger.


Recorder Duet. Op. 33 iii. Published by Comus. Also arranged as Serenade for strings.